Our learning events are designed and implemented by facilitators from a diverse international network in different countries and with different backgrounds. When designing our learning events, we are purpose-driven and process-oriented. The purpose is the focus to make the trainings and workshops meaningful. Due to the continuous evaluation and adaptation of the training design, the process orientation ensures that it meets the needs and expectations of the target group.

If you would like to get a taste of our approach, check out our podcast horizontal.talks, or this video in which a couple of our facilitators share about their journeys and what they enjoy when facilitating and working with groups.

We base our design
and facilitation on these approaches

Holistic learning

We address and involve the whole personality – on the cognitive, emotional and practical levels.


We believe that theoretical knowledge and skills are best strengthened by practical implementation.

Humanistic pedagogy

We respect and include every individual with their needs, potentials, emotions, experiences, skills and knowledge.

learning theory

Individuals shape their own knowledge, skills and competencies through participation and interactions and based on their prior knowledge.

These concepts inspire
our approach

Safe & brave space

We create safe and brave spaces for self-discovery and self-efficacy. We believe that learning happens only when leaving one's comfort zone.

Self-directed & lifelong learning

We believe in self-directed and lifelong learning.

learning space

We offer a space where you can learn from each other through participatory methods on an eye-to-eye level.

Learning community

We are aligned around a common goal. We learn better together through sharing our experience, good practices as well as failures.

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