Our Team

Portrait photo of Marischa Weiser

Marischa Weiser

Coordination and Strategic Partnerships

Marischa is passionate about building communities, enabling co-creation, developing and applying methods to create social change in our societies. She is a coordinator, community builder and facilitator at MitOst, working in the field of culture and citizenship education. At horizontal school, she enjoys working with facilitators who spark new ideas, and building new connections between people and organizations to grow a community based on peer learning.

Ivana Mandić

Marketing and Event Management

With her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for social innovation and non-formal education, Ivana found her way to MitOst and horizontal school, where she enjoys combining those fields. She is a philologist and cultural manager by education, currently in charge of marketing and event management at MitOst, and a passionate seamstress in her free time.

Malwina Fendrych

Communication (currently on parental leave)

Known for conceptual and creative thinking, Malwina has five years’ experience in developing and implementing long-term PR and communication strategies. She also coordinates educational programs in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Poland. At the age of 18, she discovered the work of Hermann Hesse, which led her to a Master’s degree in German linguistics. Since 2017, she has been working as an educator and international facilitator in citizenship education, project management, creative, critical and media literacy.
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