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Communication and Event Management

Ela’s interest in non-formal education and cultural exchange brought her to horizontal school as a volunteer in the frame of European Solidarity Corps. After completing her bachelor’s degree in architecture, she was introduced to the NGO world through youth exchanges, training courses and volunteering projects. With her experience of working in different NGOs in Turkey and Italy, she is supporting horizontal school in communication and PR, administration and event management.


Training design & quality management

Max is a trainer and facilitator in non-formal education, working with civil society organizations, individuals and groups in the Republic of Moldova and in Eastern Europe for more than 10 years. His passion is visual facilitation as well as contributing to raising sustainable and efficient teams, fruitful coexistence of people and discovering diversity between individuals and inside each of them.

Administration & Event Management (Student Assistant)

Nikita’s one-year volunteering experience in the frame of European Solidarity Corps at MitOst sparked his passion for non-formal education and paved the way for his journey into the non-profit sector. Nikita is driven by transparent trustful communication as a cornerstone of any process and believes that horizontal exchange is crucial in forming strong communities.  His main focus encompasses administration, event management, and the Erasmus+ program.

Team lead 
Training design & Partnerships 

Marischa enjoys human-centered working where meaningful and trustful relationships build the foundation. She is keen on supporting teams and organizations to build fruitful, healthy and resilient structures and processes, and facilitating participation and collaboration to create collective impact. She is a social entrepreneur, team lead and facilitator with a background in the field of culture and citizenship education. At horizontal school, she is responsible for its strategic development; strives towards building an inclusive, horizontal and appreciative working culture in the team; establishes partnerships with organizations and conceptualizes and facilitates trainings with our trainers who are an essential source for her inspiration and learning.


Project development & Partnerships

Maxim is passionate about building relationships and believes that everything we do revolves around them. Maxim’s likes playing a range of roles, including facilitation, storytelling, management, and writing. As our program manager, Maxim will be bringing his experience in capacity development process, learning design and entrepreneurial thinking to support us making next strategic moves and to co-create educational projects and products such as Erasmus Projects, Civil Society Toolbox and others.

Shaivi naulakha

Social Media Management

Her interest in social media, digital marketing and creative thinking led Shaivi to MitOst as a student- where she loves creating content for social media. She is currently working on strategizing marketing plans to enable growth and build new connections between people and organizations. She is a travel and fitness enthusiast.

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