All publications are available for download below in a digital format. Upon request, some of them can be ordered as hard copies in exchange for a nominal fee.

Initiative Cookbook

Initiative Cookbook – Homemade Civic Engagement – An Introduction into Project Management The cookbook supports those who want to shape their society through common civil initiative. It covers a broad

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Diversity Dynamics

Diversity Dynamics: Activating the Potential of Diversity in Trainings This handbook aims to empower facilitators to strengthen diversity in their work with groups, no matter what kind of training they

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Holistic Learning

Planning experiential, inspirational and participatory learning processes. Competencies are shaped best through processes that include a broad range of learning opportunities, such as incorporating knowledge, learning by doing, reflecting on

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Environment and Civil Involvement

Environment and Civil Involvement. How Can We Connect Education for Sustainable Development and Active Citizenship? Sustainable development, global fairness, and environmental protection are topics that are generally accepted as relevant

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Steps Toward Action

Empowerment for self-responsible initiative. Help your learners to discover their vision and to turn it into concrete civic engagement. The starting point of any civic involvement is motivation and inspiration.

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Creativity Handbook

Building connections, drawing inspirations and exploring opportunities as individuals and groups. Creativity is a crucial competence in the development of self-responsible individuals. It helps people to be proactive, to ideate,

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