horizontal.talks is all about peer exchange between facilitators, trainers and learners addressing topics of non-formal and citizenship education, such as democracy, facilitation and organizational development.

Where can i find the podcast?


Podcasts were invented to be listened to on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet – as ear fodder while cleaning, tidying up or riding the train. A podcatcher is recommended for listening: an app that manages, stores and plays podcasts.

The “Podcasts” app is preinstalled on Apple devices (iPhone, iPad). Should you use such a device, the “Apple Podcasts” button at the top will take you to the podcast in this app. Other popular players on iOS include Overcast or Castro. If you want to use those apps, you can find “horizontal.talks” through the app’s search function, or you can add what’s called the podcast’s “RSS feed”: https://whf8ps.podcaster.de/horizontaltalks.rss.

On some Android devices a podcatcher is preinstalled, on others not. For Android, there is the free open-source app AntennaPod or the popular PocketCasts, which, however, costs money once. If these (or other such) apps are installed, you can find “horizontal.talks” via the app’s search function, or you can add the podcast’s “RSS feed”: https://whf8ps.podcaster.de/horizontaltalks.rss.

For all users of the streaming services Spotify or Deezer, you can access the app via the button on top of the app. The podcast is also available in the free Spotify offer. However, it is then interrupted by advertising – on the selection of which horizontal.school itself has no influence.

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