FAQ - Facilitator Qualification Course

Q: How much previous experience is required/necessary to be able attend and follow the course?
A: You should already have some experience in working with groups, e.g. you are a team member and host team meetings or workshops sometimes, you are project manager and leading project development workshops or co-creation sessions, you are a trainer or teacher who works with young people or adults, you are part of a community in which you facilitate sessions or workshops sometimes. You do not need to identify yourself as a facilitator yet, the important thing is that you know that you enjoy working with groups, that you bring some experience in hosting and standing in front of a group.

Q: Is there a selection process of participants?
A: There is no selection process, anyone can enroll in the course.

Q: What is the difference between enrolling in the full course and enrolling only in the Facilitation Training?
A: Facilitation Training (training of trainers) is only the first module of the full Facilitator Qualification Course. The first module covers the topics of the foundations of adult learning, constructivism, group dynamics and pedagogy. In the full course you will get to chance to explore more in depth the facilitation of participatory processes, of groups and their dynamics, tensions and conflicts and learn how to design and facilitate inclusive and interactive sessions in person as well as online or hybrid. By taking part in the full course you will also learn how to design your activities for different target groups or clients and how to position yourself on the market, and you will understand how to design your own learning path.

Q: If I enroll only in the Facilitation Training, can I decide later to continue with the full course?
A: Yes, definitely. You can start with the first module only and decide later to enroll in the full course, or even only in one or a couple of single thematic workshops. Please note that in this case we though cannot guarantee that there are still places available in the full Course.

Q: If I enrol only in the Facilitation Training, can I still take part in the peer talks?
A: Yes, you will be invited to the peer talks even if you take part only in the first module (Facilitation Training in the in-person format or blended format). Only the peer practice which happens twice per year is limited to Course participants.

Q: Is there a difference in content of the blended format and in-person format of the Facilitation Training?
A: No, the content of these two trainings covers the same topics. It differs in the way how we deliver the content. The in-person format is an intensive 3-and-a-half-day training, whereas the blended format is delivered in 6 shorter online sessions happening over a time span of 3 weeks.

Q: Will the two different groups, those who start with in-person and blended format of the Facilitation Training , be united in the rest of the modules of the course?
A: Yes. Only the first module is offered in two different formats, but all following sessions will be the same for all participants of the course and delivered online.

Q: Who are the facilitators of the course?
A: Facilitators of the course come from our international pool, and are practitioners from civil society with different fields of expertise such as citizenship education, youth engagement, organizational development or sustainability, coming from different cultural and geographical backgrounds. You can learn more about them here.

Q: Will the bi-monthly peer talks & practice be facilitated by someone?
A: Yes, one of the trainers of the course will facilitate the peer talks and practice.

Q: What happens in the peer talks & practice?
A: Peer talks and Peer practice are bi-monthly online meetings which are an integral part of the Course. Peer Talks invite you to connect  and exchange with other peers, reflect on your learnings and facilitation practice and dive deeper into specific topics which are emerging throughout the way. Peer Practice offers a safe space for participants to practice, share experience and to experiment facilitating online sessions in a team, to get feedback from peers and improve skills and competences.

Q: Who will be my individual coach?
A: Your coach will be one of the experienced facilitators from our international pool. Our facilitators are practitioners in various fields such as civil society, organizational development and sustainability, coming from different cultural and geographical backgrounds. You can learn more about them here.

Q: How do I book a coaching-add on session with a trainer and can I choose the trainer (in case there is more than one)?
A: You can book this option while enrolling in the full course. Once you booked the option, we will get in touch with you and do our best to match you with the most suitable coach based on your experience, goals and needs. You can also approach us beforehand if you are unsure if additional coaching is fitting to your needs.

Q: What are the criteria for the facilitation practice that I should carry out myself?
A: We recommend 15 days of practice both in online and in-person settings (3-4 hours online are equivalent to one day in person). You can find an opportunity and organize this on your own, however if you do not have any opportunities to do so, we are happy to help you find suitable options.

Q: Are accommodation and transport costs covered in the participation fee that I will be paying for the in-person Facilitation Training in Berlin?
A: No, we are not able to offer accommodation and travel costs. The participation fee covers taking part in the training, as well as organic refreshment breaks and three lunches during the training.

Q: Do you assist with recommendations for accommodation?
A: Yes, of course. We will be happy to provide suitable options in the vicinity of the MitOst office, where the training will take place.

Q: I’m located outside of EU zone and do not carry a Schengen visa or residency permit. Would you be providing me necessary documents for visa application?
A : Yes, we will provide an invitation letter for you to submit with your visa application.

Q: Are there discounts available?
A : We have two categories of discounts which are Community price and reduced price. Community price is available for MitOst members and partners. In addition, participants who are students or unemployed can benefit from the reduced price. Please note that the Community price is only available until end of June 2023 for the full Course. 

Q: What is the deadline for cancelling my participation?
A: You have the right to withdraw from taking part in the course or single modules within 14 days after your enrolment date. For more information on our cancelation policy, please click here.

Q: Will I receive a certificate at the end? If yes, will I be still eligible to receive if I miss sessions?
A: Yes, we will provide a certificate of participation at the end of your course stating which learnings you acquire. A full participation is required to receive your certificate. If you provide an understandable excuse and inform us beforehand, you can miss one session and still receive the certificate.

Q: Are the dates of the activities, especially online sessions somewhat flexible? What happens if a participant misses some of them?
A: We expect you to take part in all sessions because they are interactive and active participation is important for a good learning experience. However, if you need to skip one session for major reasons, the facilitators will provide you with materials used in the session, so that you can keep up with the learning process.

Q: Is there any follow up activity after the course is over?
A: No specific activity related to the course itself, but you are welcome to stay connected and learn from other facilitators in the bi-monthly peer talks and/or to continue developing your skills with further trainings and workshops.

Q: Does horizontal school offer guidance where to apply for jobs or how to kick off the career as facilitators?
A: If you take part in the full course, one of the topics covered is how to position yourself in the market and how to design your activities for different target groups or clients – from managing the expectations and agreeing on learning goals, to the implementation of a workshop or educational event and its documentation.

Q: I want to have a call with horizontal school team to evaluate which option is the best for me, is this session offered for free?
A: Yes, this is completely free of charge and we encourage you to book a call with us to help you evaluate the most suitable option for you.

Q: Do I need to pay the participation fee upon registration or is it possible to pay in installments?
A: Yes, we can agree with you on 2-3 installments that can be paid throughout the year based on what suits you. Simply get in touch with us. We only expect you to pay at least 40% of the participation fee of the Course upon registration. 

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